Informal survey reveals student preferences for businesses in new Elon Town Center

By Kellye Coleman

Construction for the Elon Town Center is underway and students are hoping to see a variety of businesses and services placed in the facility, from local restaurants to a grocery store.

Several Elon students are in favor of construction that has begun on Elon Town Center. Photo by Kellye Coleman

The establishment of the Town Center is part of Elon’s current strategic plan and will be the home of the campus shop and the office of the Pendulum, Elon’s student newspaper. However, a list of additional businesses has yet to be released to the community.

Dozens of students responded to an informal man-on-the-street survey, with many in favor of the construction and hoping to see a grocery store and pharmacy, as well as healthy food options.

Of the students surveyed, 73 percent are in favor of the new construction taking place in downtown Elon.

“I like the fact that Elon is expanding,” Matthew Smith, an Elon senior, said. He hopes that the Elon Town Center can become “a place close to campus, but not far enough that [students] are still leaving, that students can go and just kind of hang out.”

Several students are hoping to see local businesses placed in the new facility. “I would like to see more restaurants that are not chain restaurants,” Emma McGregor, an Elon sophomore, said.

Sophomore Bretty Gladish agrees. “I would like to see things that are more unique to Elon – not chains,” Gladish said.

According to the survey, students would also like to see a variety of restaurants, from coffee shops to businesses serving pizza and sandwiches. “I’d like to see a good pizza place,” Senior Andrew Cordisco said. “I just love pizza. I eat a lot of pizza. I never get tired of pizza.”

Senior Blake Clemmons talks about the types of restaurants he hopes to see in the Town Center:

Smith hopes that Elon will continue to expand the area surrounding the new Town Center, providing businesses that will stay open late. “I think they should put maybe a fountain in there and have kind of a brick area with outdoor furniture.”

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Elon Town Center took place on Wednesday. The ceremony was followed by a reception at the Town Table restaurant located on Williamson Avenue.


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