Frozen yogurt shop opens to Elon community, first two days a success

By Kellye Coleman

Local Yogurt opened its doors to the Elon community on Friday, and business is swinging.

“We’ve been very consistent. There have probably been three or four people in here at all times,” said Mackenzie Brown, manager of the Elon shop.

The store, housed in the space once home to restaurant 116 Oak, is the fourth Local Yogurt shop to open since 2009 and is serving natural yogurt topped with fresh toppings from local vendors and farms.

Students have been in and out of the shop since it opened, lounging on the bright orange couches and flipping through magazines laid on the tables for customers.

Sophomore Eva Kostyu is glad that the shop is within walking distance of Elon’s campus.

“This is nice, because people can come on foot,” Kostyu said. “I know they’re trying to revitalize downtown, so this adds to the atmosphere.”

Mackenzie Brown, manager of Elon’s Local Yogurt, talks about her favorite flavors and toppings:

Local Yogurt has hired several Elon students to work at the shop. Junior Sarah Sharpe has enjoyed serving students and community members.

“It’s been great. It’s a very laid back atmosphere, and everyone seems really nice,” she said.

Brown is looking forward to continued traffic in the shop.

“We hope that is not just the new thing here but that it continues,” she said.

Local Yogurt is located at 116 Lebanon Ave. and is open seven days a week.


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