Magazine of Elon’s Campus Uncommons – Susan Klopman

The latest edition of the Magazine of Elon featured the inaugural Campus Uncommons, a short feature that showcases a member of Elon’s faculty and staff who has had a direct impact on students and alumni.

By Kellye Coleman

Susan Klopman, vice president of admissions and financial planning, has worked hard to bring students to Elon’s picturesque campus for more than 15 years. Considering Elon’s explosive growth over the past decade and a half, it’s safe to estimate that she’s responsible for more than 16,000 undergraduates who’ve chosen to attend Elon in her tenure. In the process, Klopman has given much of herself to the university. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Squirrels.

Yes, squirrels.

When Klopman discovered a legion of squirrels wreaking havoc in her garden, she had an idea: why not trap the little rodents and bring them to Elon, where they could feast on acorns to their hearts’ content (and where they’re always a hit with prospective students)? “My husband found out squirrels like sunflower seeds, and he would put some in a have-a-heart trap and have one of the traps ready to go at breakfast for me to bring to work,” she recalls. “If I went home for lunch, he’d have another one ready for me.”

Klopman personally supported Elon’s squirrel population for several years and lost count of exactly how many she let loose along the brick paths. Eventually, she decided to leave the squirrels’ propagation to Mother Nature. “I said, ‘I have done my job,’” she recalls. “I am not hauling squirrels to work anymore!”


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Click here for the PDF version of the story, as published in the Magazine of Elon.

Originally published in the Magazine of Elon, Summer 2011 issue.


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